3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Mo

    I purchased my first SLY almost 2 years ago and have been huge fan since. Adding several more cues to my collection and many more to come. I can’t say enough great things about Leon, he has always been great to deal with. You can’t get more from a one man shop, the attention to detail in the inlay and veneer work are some of the best that I’ve witnessed. But most importantly, the time and effort put into each cue when it comes to playability is what got me hooked. As a player himself, Leon Sly knows how to build a player….for the player.

  2. Breezy

    I purchased my first Sly cue alittle over a year ago and have added five more with one in the works since. Leon’s craftsmanship is top notch and he’s one of the nicest cuemaker’s I’ve ever dealt with.

  3. TheHulk

    I just purchased my first Sly cue few months ago, Leon make great cues, the finishing is awesome, so as the craftmanship! It plays like two headed monster :D


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